Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for a Beautiful, Radiant Smile

The term cosmetic dentistry can refer to just about any elective dental procedure that is done for aesthetic purposes. This article will discuss treatments such as braces, cosmetic whitening, and veneers, although there are broad range of treatments that could be classified as cosmetic.Braces are usually available through a dental specialist known as an orthodontist, who works primarily with aesthetic concerns. The standard types of braces use tiny metal wires and brackets that are fastened onto the teeth with a bonding agent. In some cases, spacers are used to create space in between teeth that overlap. It is sometimes necessary to extract a tooth if there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate the teeth without crowding. The patient may be required to wear an apparatus commonly known as headgear in the case of an overbite or underbite. The purpose of the headgear, used in combination with the braces, is to gradually realign the teeth to create more optimal positioning in the mouth. Braces may be worn for six months to two years, after which a device known as a retainer is used to maintain the space and positioning created by the braces. Treatment can cost between one and four thousand dollars; luckily, many insurance providers now include orthodontic procedures in their coverage. Most orthodontists also offer payment plans to help patients cover the cost over the course of their treatment.A new advancement in orthodontics are the Invisalign braces. Invisalign braces work in much the same way as traditional braces do, with the exception that they use clear plastic instead of metal for a more discreet appearance. Many find the Invisalign braces to be more comfortable, as the patient can remove them before eating and sleeping. As with the metal braces, treatment with Invisalign braces may take up to two years before completion and cost may run into the thousands.If you do not have any major issues such as overcrowding or an overbite, a teeth-whitening procedure may be all you need to spruce up your smile. Although treatment can more costly, it is highly recommended that you seek a professional dental whitening rather than buying an over the counter whitening product. Whitening products such as rinses and strips often contain harsh abrasives that can wear away at the enamel if left on for too long or if used improperly. If you are going to splurge on something, treat yourself to cosmetic dental whitening such as Zoom! Whitening; the effects will be more dramatic and long lasting.Dental veneers are another method of enhancing the appearance of the teeth. If you have teeth that are crooked, chipped, or badly stained, veneers may be a viable solution. The dentist will gently buff the surface of the tooth to make way for the veneer, which is moulded to resemble a natural tooth. The veneer will be bonded onto the surface of the tooth, and then crafted to blend in flawlessly with the rest of the teeth. With proper care, veneers can last for a lifetime. The price of veneers can range between nine and twelve hundred dollars per tooth.Cosmetic dentistry can undeniably be costly, especially if you are operating on a budget or fixed income. It may be useful to consider such treatments as an investment in your health and well being; having a gorgeous smile can certainly improve one’s self image and confidence. Perhaps there are ways that you can cut down on your daily expenses in order to save up for your desired treatment. If we are completely honest with ourselves, most of us spend money haphazardly in one way or another. Perhaps you can save by making coffee at home rather than buying a latte everyday, or bussing instead of driving your car. However you decide to finance it, you deserve to look and feel your best!Most of us have some interest in improving the appearance of our smile. Perhaps it has been something you have been putting off doing. Cosmetic dentistry is now widely available to people from all walks of life, regardless of income. Consider orthodontics, dental whitening, veneers, or speak to your dental professional to determine the best treatment plan for you

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